Do your kids like camping? These camping games can make your children love camping. Children usually get bored and tired quickly. They need some exciting and fun activities. There are various types of games that make children happier about camping and create long-lasting memories. Camping games are easy and fun for children. In school children face tough competitive life in terms of study and getting higher marks in every subject with other students. So, making camping games competition-free must be the priority.

When you step out from your hectic schedule with your kid into a trek, everything goes right. Camping with fun activities can make your kids livelier and happening. Introduce the below-given games to your kids to make the camping experience for your kid unforgettable.

Cool camping games for little ones

To sure that you never hear to these three words from your kids when you go camping with them, “I AM BORED”. We have come up with some interesting and super cool games.

  1.    Let them hunt: Kids love scavenger hunts, and the great outdoor game that everyone knows and loves to play is hunting. Let kids collect items like oak leaves, pine needles, maple leaves, snail shells and rocks of certain colours. The game is all about connecting the clues and reaching the goal of the treasure hunt. The hunt nurtures kids natural urge to explore more. This has proved out to be a classic camping game that kids of all ages can take participation in. You should tweak the instructions a bit when required to make the game age-appropriate. This game helps to sharpen the kid’s brain of all ages.
  1.    Hide and Seek: Everyone has played this one in their childhood. Most parents have played with their kids as well. Hiding and finding is a common interest of small children for decades. Sometimes it can be home base that you can run to and tag, becoming “safe”. Other times you just wait to be found. The general idea is that one person is “it,” that person closes his or her eyes and counts to a certain number without looking, and then he or she tries to find the others. Playing hide and seek at a safe place can be fun during camping.
  1.    Camping Olympics: If you have lots of kids, then you must definitely try the Olympics. The long jump can be conducted near a beach area on the sand. You can also go to swimming competitions in the water. Your Olympics can include numerous outdoor games that interest child, such as a tug-of-war or even a potato sack race. It is recommended that you keep the tone light and organize games so that younger kids or not-so-athletic types can enjoy the games too. Skipping stones or balancing in tree pose the longest can also prove out to be a great game.
  1.    The story contest: Kids are natural story-tellers. You can play story games where one person says a sentence and the next person adds a sentence to it, and the cycle of exaggerating the story continues in a fun way. You can do fun this activity by placing the campfire.
  1.    Watching the clouds: Spread out a blanket in a shady spot and let your child stare up at the sky. Allow your kids to use their imagination power. Help them find out apple, bear, cat, house, bird and so on in the clouds.
  1.    Crafting time: Before leaving for the camp take some basics of crafting along. Pack a micro-kit of glue, a couple of scissors, markers and a pad of paper for each kid. You should tell kids to sketch pictures of nature or a house. You can also tell them to create unique pieces of art by finding objects like pine cones, leaves, shells and sand.
  1.    Jumping rope: Kids can get engaged easily in activities like jumping rope. It is an easy and fun activity. Jumping rope helps the kid to get energetic, as it is a simple exercise into a fun game. Your kid can use a large rope and jump with a couple of friends. Parents can also join their kids in this gaming activity.
  1.    The traffic light (Red light and Greenlight): This game is super fun! Any two kids will act like two traffic lights in the playing area. The traffic lights are supposed to stand at the opposite ends of the area. In this game, the traffic light has to catch people who are moving. Greenlight is announced when traffic light faces the opposite side and cannot see people moving. Red light means you should not move and traffic light faces the players. When the traffic light catches a player moving when green light has been announced, the player has to start again from the beginning. The person who wins gets a chance to be the next traffic light.
  1.    Simon says: Simon is the leader here. The leader (Simon) has to pass a statement or an order to the other players. The statements generally are actions which other players have to follow. The trick here is if the statement starts with “Simon says” everyone has to do the action and if leader passes the statement generally without saying “Simon says” no one is supposed to do the action or follow it. If anyone is seen doing the action in which Simon is not mentioned he or she is out of the game. The last person who manages to stay in the game wins and gets a chance to be the next Simon. This game interests kids a lot, you should definitely try this one.
  1.    The freeze dance: One person needs to be in charge of the music here. Kids are supposed to dance as and when the music starts. Tell kids to dance without any shyness. The crazier the dance the better the activity. As soon as the in charge stops the music everyone should stop and if in charge catches someone moving the player get out of the game. The last person left will be the winner.

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Camping is fun! Exploring the outdoor environment and roaming in the woods with little ones is great, but it is more fun if you add different types of activities and games to it. Kshitij redefines fun and adds pizzas to the party by engaging kids in fun activities which enhances their physical and mental awareness.